Horsethief Pictures begins run

Company's first feature is 'Last Rites of Ransom Pride'

Former Paypal executive Jack Selby has partnered with filmmakers Tiller Russell and Duncan Montgomery to launch Horsethief Pictures.

The interactive production, digital distribution and marketing company, which plans to release 2-3 films a year, will encourage audiences to participate in every phase of the moviemaking process from development to production, distribution and marketing.

"I am excited to be partnering with Tiller and Duncan to launch this venture at a time when the entertainment industry's audience is transitioning to consuming content online," said Selby. "With Horsethief, we will look to capitalize on this digital shift by creating smart, targeted digital marketing campaigns that keep audiences tuned in to high quality content."

The company's first feature is "The Last Rites of Ransom Pride," a western directed by Russell. Lizzy Caplan, Peter Dinklage, Dwight Yoakam, Jason Priestly, Scott Speedman and Kris Kristofferson star in the story of a woman trying to bring her murdered outlaw lover home for burial.

Horsethief will field a viral marketing campaign for the completed film, which will get digital distribution with the option of theatrical.

The company is also developing the features "Black Weasel," an adaptation of a short story by Hampton Fancher ("Blade Runner"), and "House of Pies," a comedy that Russell will write and direct.

Selby is currently the managing director and co-founder of Clarium Capital, a multi-billion dollar global hedge fund based in San Francisco and New York. Selby has invested his own capital in Horsethief and will serve as the company's chairman.

"Jack brings an established, successful Silicon Valley ethos that will enable us to create a company that is utilizing social media to directly connect fans to films, involving them directly in the development, marketing and distribution process," said Montgomery.

Montgomery ("Drop Dead Sexy") will serve as Horsethief's head of production and business affairs. Russell ("Bad Boys of Summer") will serve as the company's head of creative development.