'Host 2' gets Singapore backer

Sequel to boxoffice hit secures $5 mil from MDA

SEOUL -- "The Host 2," a sequel to Bong Joon-ho's 2006 monster flick by Chungeorahm Film, secured $5 million from a Singapore-based investor, the largest foreign capital ever in Korean cinema, according to the Korean film distributor.

Boku Films, a Singaporean production company of such boxoffice hits as "The Maid" and run by filmmaker Kelvin Tong, will get half of its funding from the Media Development Authority, Singapore's government-run media body.

The script of "Host 2" was originally assigned to Kang Full, a popular comic-book artist, set in a restored stream of the nation's capital.

But according to the film's backers, details of the script are subject to change, including the setting and the screenwriter. The film's director has not been announced yet.

Prior to the news about the film's foreign investment, SK Telecom invested development and production fee for "Host 2."

"Host" became the country's biggest boxoffice hit, attracting 13 million filmgoers during its theatrical run.