Another hostile claim against Barker


Bob Barker may be retired, but the allegations of harassment on the set of "The Price Is Right" continue.

On Thursday, Barker was named in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Deborah Curling, a 24-year employee of the popular game show. CBS Broadcasting and FremantleMedia North were also named as defendants. Curling claims she was forced to quit after she testified in one of the many lawsuits filed against Barker through the years by other former employees.

In the suit, Curling said that "Barker made it his life mission to destroy the livelihood of every person who contradicted him or did not do what Barker had ordered him/her to do, whether it was legal or not."

Barker allegedly "destroyed those employees' lives by firing them and then dragging them through endless litigation," the lawsuit states.

CBS declined to comment on the litigation. Barker's rep, Henri Bollinger, also declined.

Curling claims she testified in a case brought against Barker by a former production assistant, Linda Riegert. After she testified, the lawsuit said, Curling was demoted from working out of the Green Room, where she had been for 20 years, to working backstage.

The Riegert case was dismissed in June 2006 after an arbitration award, according to court records.

The lawsuit is the latest in the litigation saga of "The Price Is Right." Barker, CBS and the show's producers have been sued by former TPIR models Dian Parkinson and Holly Hallstrom and others for various wrongdoing including racial discrimination, sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. Those cases have been settled or dismissed over the years.