'Hostiles' Star Christian Bale on the "Quieter Genocide" in America

In a video interview, the actor argues that Scott Cooper's Western could easily be set in the present day.

As Capt. Joseph J. Blocker in Scott Cooper's Western Hostiles, Christian Bale's character reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family from Arizona to Montana, only to come to respect his former enemy and his family. 

Before the film's debut in 2018, The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Christian Bale and Chief Phillip Whiteman, who helped Bale understand the Cheyenne culture, to discuss the film's importance at a divisive time in American politics and culture. 

While the film is set in 1892, Bale explains that Hostiles could easily be set in present day because of its underlying themes and interactions between the government and Native Americans within the past year.

Bale and Whiteman also dig deep into the significance of including a recording of authentic Cheyenne language in the film.

Hostiles premieres wide in theaters on Jan. 26.