Hot and Cold at Comic-Con

Man of Steel: Warner Bros. was worried about showing too much too early. But the Superman reboot footage -- dark, ominous, stylish -- soared, with fans embracing star Henry Cavill (one was seen crying). TEMP 95

The Walking Dead: The season-three trailer exceeded fan expectations (loud applause, shrieking in Hall H) thanks to the introduction of two new characters from the comic books. TEMP 90

Elysium: District 9 director Neill Blomkamp won a warm reception by showing seven "incredibly rough" minutes of his next dystopian sci-fi thriller. Bringing along stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster probably helped sate the crowd. TEMP 79

Dexter: A season-six cliffhanger (will Michael C. Hall's character finally reveal his true nature?) was resolved with no actual resolution (he's still got a big secret!), prompting groans. New castmember Yvonne Strahovski was fairly silent during the panel. TEMP 44

Game of Thrones: Its panel continued to be a big Hall H draw, but Thrones author George R.R. Martin's awkwardly sexual comments (frequent references to sex scenes and "boobies") stole thunder from the 14 new castmembers announced for season three. TEMP 17

The Expendables 2: Stallone and Schwarzenegger (right) were fun, but the footage didn't wow. (And Arnold inadvertently revealed he had put his catchphrases on cue cards.) TEMP 11

Silent Hill: Revelation: It was the fans who were silent after footage of a sequel to the 2006 video-game adaptation played. TEMP Subzero

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