Hot Dating App The League Courting Hilary Duff Ahead of L.A. Launch

AP Images/Invision
Hilary Duff

There are already 7,500 Angelenos on the waitlist of heavily scrutinized applicants.

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Hot dating app The League is coming to L.A. this summer, after launching in San Francisco in November and expanding to New York City this month. The service is courting high-caliber L.A. singles, including Hilary Duff, Verve agent Zach Carlisle and Wizard World senior vp Courtney McVicker, who's one of 7,500 Angelenos on the waitlist.

Others hoping to get into The League, which has raised $2.1 million in private beta, must be approved by founder Amanda Bradford and her team, who scrutinize applicants' LinkedIn profiles as closely as their photos. But the latter isn't a problem for L.A. prospects. Says Bradford: "Everyone's camera-ready in L.A."

May 24 at 1:40 p.m. The list of potential users has been updated.