Hot New Restaurant -- Doma

Courtesy of Doma

THR’s pick of the week for industry dining is an industry-oriented addition to Beverly Hills’ Golden Triangle from the owner of old-school celeb magnet Dan Tana’s.

The Quick Pitch: Sonja Perencevic — who purchased the classic, industry-oriented West Hollywood red-sauce Italian joint Dan Tana’s from the eponymous owner in 2009 — has opened a Med-Italian space in Beverly Hills a block west of Rodeo Dr. Chef Dustin Trani flexes his traditional culinary sensibility through a continental prism. A single raviolo is stuffed with sea urchin, stone crab and Mascarpone cheese. Meanwhile, sautéed Colorado lamb scaloppini in a butter cognac sauce holds court on a plate accompanied by golden chanterelle mushrooms, sweet roasted onions and agnolotti.

The Insider’s Dish: With so many agencies and other firms within walking distance, the place would be on everyone’s radar regardless. But manager Francesco Greco, formerly of show business bastion Toscana in Brentwood, is luring loyal partisans in an area already thick with other white-tablecloth Italian options.

The Must-Order Item: An entrée of port-braised beef cheek with roasted quinoa.

The Industry Neighbor: WME’s office is across the street.

362 N. Camden Dr., Beverly Hills, 310.277.7346,