Hot New Restaurant – The Wallace

The Wallace - H 2013
The Wallace

THR’s pick of the week for industry dining is a quietly meticulous Culver City option working wonders with a loosely Cal-Med menu.

The Quick Pitch: A husband and wife team adroitly rides a multiplicity of today’s upmarket culinary trends – farm-to-table, seasonal-sustainable, veggie-heavy, gastro-grub, mixology-minded – in an airy, clean-lined dining room in the heart of downtown Culver City. You’ve likely seen these dishes more than a few times before (duck rillettes! grilled octopus! braised pork cheeks!), but here they’re either ever so slightly tweaked or simply elevated by spot-on technique (salt-roasted beets with grapefruit, avocado, sherry and green goddess dressing).

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The Insider’s Dish: Co-owner and chef Michael Teich honed his multiculti finesse as the corporate chef at industry-oriented hospitality outfit SBE (Cleo, the late Mercato di Vetro).

The Must-Order Item: A dish of Carlsbad mussels with a saffron white wine sauce, arrayed around a mound of tomato rice.

The Industry Neighbor: It’s just a few blocks away from the Sony Pictures lot.

3833 Main St., Culver City, 310.202.6400,