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Bionic Woman

After struggling bartender and surrogate mom Jaime Sommers finds herself hovering near death following a devastating car accident, her only hope for survival is a top-secret, cutting-edge technology that will grant her some extraordinary powers. Now she has to find a way to adapt to her new abilities without losing her identity in the process.
[NBC Universal International Television Distribution. Booth: H4.05]

Burn Notice
When covert operations agent Michael Westen finds out he is suddenly considered an "unreliable source," he knows he's been "burned" by someone very powerful in the intelligence community. Obsessed with finding out the reason behind his sudden termination, Westen finds himself back in his hometown of Miami, where he goes to work as an unlicensed private investigator.
[20th Century Fox Television Distribution. Booth: E3.01]

Dirty Sexy Money
When an idealistic lawyer agrees to handle the affairs of a notorious, ridiculously wealthy Upper West Side family, he discovers that his plan to use the position -- and hefty salary -- to do good will be much harder than he thought.
[Disney-ABC International Television. Booth: RB.30]

Ice Road Truckers
A ratings sensation since its debut in June on the History Channel in the U.S., this unscripted series chronicles the real-life peril experienced by truckers as they attempt to transport vital supplies to diamond mines in Canada's Northwest Territory. Forced to travel over frozen lakes that double as roads, the drivers must tune out the sound of cracking ice as they carry on a dangerous tradition that goes back more than a 100 years.
[AETN International. Booth: G3-18]

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Picking up where the 1991 blockbuster "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" left off, this reinvention of the popular sci-fi franchise finds Sarah Connor and her teenage son, John, once again on the run from a merciless, continuously evolving technological enemy bent on their destruction.
[Warner Bros. International Television. Booth: LR 5.01]


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