'Hotel Artemis' Trailer Introduces Underground Hospital for Criminals

The thriller stars Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown and Jeff Goldblum.

The first trailer for star-studded thriller Hotel Artemis was released on Monday. Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Jeff Goldblum, Dave Bautista, Sofia Boutella, Brian Tyree Henry, Charlie Day, Zachary Quinto and Jenny Slate are among the stars in Drew Pearce’s directorial debut.

Set in 2028 Los Angeles, Warner Bros.' Hotel Artemis tells the story of a members-only hospital for criminals. The trailer introduces viewers to the underground world of criminals seeking refuge at the hospital. After Waikiki (Brown) and Honolulu (Henry) participate in a heist that leaves the latter injured, they flee to Hotel Artemis to seek health care. Waikiki’s valuable keepsake worth $18 million from the heist introduces a world of further danger when a notorious bad guy (Jeff Goldblum) decides that he wants the item for himself.

Foster plays the head nurse at the establishment. Her character explains, “This hospital was built on two things: trust and rules.” The hospital's rules are explained in the trailer: don't insult the staff, no weapons are allowed on the hospital’s premises and visitors aren’t allowed to kill other patients. After intense clips are shown of characters fighting and attempting to escape, the trailer concludes with Foster’s character proclaiming, “Busy night at the Artemis.”

Hotel Artemis hits theaters June 8. Watch the full trailer above.