'Hotel' Star Connie Sellecca Sues Senior Facility After Mother Falls, Suffers Multiple Fractures

Connie Sellecca - Getty - H 2016
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Connie Sellecca - Getty - H 2016

The Golden Globe-nominated actress is alleging elder abuse, neglect and professional negligence.

Golden Globe-nominated actress Connie Sellecca, known for her starring role on the 1980s TV series Hotel, is suing a Los Angeles senior facility on behalf of her mother, who suffered a fall while allegedly unsupervised.

According to the suit, filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Sellecca's 87-year-old mother, Marianna Sellecchia, was admitted to Sunrise of Studio City on Nov. 2, 2015. Sellecchia arrived at the senior living facility with pre-existing conditions, including both mental and physical damages: aphasia, impaired vision in her right eye and the loss of use of her right leg and arm due to a stroke she suffered earlier in 2015.

In the suit, Sellecca alleges her mother was required to rely on the facility's "employees to assist her with most of her daily functions, including transfers from bed to chair, from chair to toilet, grooming, brushing teeth, showering, diaper changes, prompting for eating, dispensing medications, transporting from room to room in the wheelchair, entertainment, securing safety, as well as other functions."

The suit alleges that around 4 p.m. on Feb. 2, Sunrise of Studio City called Sellecca to inform her that "Sellecchia had fallen out of her wheelchair and was being rushed by ambulance to a local hospital." According to the complaint, St. Joseph's hospital determined that Sellecchia suffered three fractures: a C2 fracture, a fractured nose and a fractured cheekbone.

Sellecca also alleges in the suit that St. Joseph's told the family while her mother was bedside "that Sunrise caregiver Oscar told upper management that he had recently noticed [Sellecchia] trying to get out of her wheelchair," adding, "Even though Oscar reported that [Sellecchia] was trying to get out of her wheelchair before her fall, [Sellecchia] was still left unattended in her wheelchair ... until she fell."

Following her hospitalization, the suit claims Sellecchia was discharged on Feb. 12 and received 24-hour in-home care at Sellecca's home.

Sellecca, seeking unspecified damages, is alleging causes of action including elder abuse and neglect; negligence/premises liability; and professional negligence. 

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