Hotels by the Numbers


Men at Work: Concierges Behind the Scenes

The Carlton Hotel goes through 1,323 pounds of fish (sole, monkfish and salmon), 662 pounds of smoked salmon, 1,670 pounds of langoustines and lobsters, 33 pounds of caviar, 1,100 pounds of meat, 30 tons of fruit and vegetables, 660 pounds of butter and 2,000 eggs per day during the festival. One-thousand breakfasts are served per day, 6,000 pastries consumed per day and 150 bouquets of flowers prepared every day. At the bar, guests at the Carlton wash down 5,000 bottles of champagne, 15,000 bottles of mineral water and 100 gallons of orange and grapefruit juice. In the rooms, 2,500 bath towels are changed on a daily basis, and 25,000 bars of soap are used.


The Martinez goes through five tons of sheets, towels and bathrobes per day. A security team of 25 people is mobilized at the hotel 24/7 throughout the fest. More than 13,400 people are served at the hotel's various restaurants during the festival and more than 3,900 breakfasts are prepared. At least 500 dresses are delivered to the hotel's rooms. More than 550 pounds of foie gras, 33 pounds of caviar, 400 langoustines, two tons of lobster and 50,000 pieces of bread are consumed during the period. They are washed down with 2,000 bottles of champagne. More than 3,000 cigars are smoked and 2,500 "VIP welcome kits" left in the rooms of special guests.


Two tons of lobster, three tons of fish, four tons of fruit and vegetables, 16,000 eggs,
nearly 800 pounds of foie gras, 1,800 pounds of langoustines and 18,000 bottles of wine and
champagne will make their way into the Majestic hotel for the Festival de Cannes. There are 14,000 bath towels, 15,000 sheets, 8,000 robes, 16,000 bars of soap, 265 gallons of bath gel, 8,000 roses to decorate the rooms, 500 pairs of pants and shirts to clean per day for more than 8,000 festivalgoers. More than 50 rooms are transformed into offices for fest participants.