The Hottest Hotel Suites at Disneyland

From among 20,000 hotel rooms, 3 of the very best, frequented by industry VIPs:

Adventureland Signature Suite
Disneyland Hotel, 1150 Magic Way

Ideal for: Families seeking a safari feel while safe in the O.C.

The 1,400-square-foot homage to adventure (from $2,700 a night)has a tiki-drum doorbell, a closet hidden behind a faux bookcase and animal sound effects. Parents show more interest in the steam showers and wet bar. Other great rooms in the hotel that opened in 1955: the Mickey Mouse Penthouse and Pirates suite, where Bell celebrated her daughter's birthday.

Vice Presidential Suite
Anaheim Marriott, 700 West Convention Way

Ideal for Those who yearn for a break from the "fully immersive" Disney experience.

The suite ($3,000 a night) on the 19th floor has a boutique-hotel aesthetic, unique in the massive 1,000-room Marriott. Check to see that the Anaheim Convention Center across the street isn't overrun, although guests Justin Timberlake, Martha Stewart and Condoleezza Rice have offered no complaints.

Mt. Whitney Suite
The Grand Californian, 1600 Disneyland Drive

Ideal for:: Brad Pitt and other Craftsman design fans, and those wanting valet parking and early entrance to adjacent California Adventure.

The most luxurious suite in town; at 2,272 square feet, it can entertain 75. Said to be a favorite of Goldberg and Johnny Depp during Pirates premieres, it has two fireplaces, an office and park views (from $3,500 a night). "I adore the Grand Californian," says Goodwin, "though I wouldn't mind a slumber party by the lobby TV that shows Disney cartoons all day and night."