Cool Bridal Beauty Inspiration Courtesy of Houghton's NYFW Team

houghton bridal beauty - H 2015

The pros behind Houghton’s ethereal runway look share their recommendations for the millennial bride’s perfect big-day makeup and hair.

Katharine Polk’s Houghton makes the best white gowns for the cool-girl bride. So backstage at her NYFW show, we wondered what the ideal beauty look would be for a girl who’s looking to do something more current than a chignon, smoky eye and French manicure.

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As for the hair, Brian Buenaventura of Cutler/Redken Salon — who created floaty, brushed-out curls for the runway — recommends an update to beachy waves or an updo. “Maybe a loose curl with a one-inch barrel, curled in different directions on the same strand so it switches and has this wild feeling to it, but isn’t too editorial either.” He’s of the mind that wedding hair shouldn’t be too complicated — or too hairsprayed or “done. The simpler the better: the dress is really what people are looking at. You don’t want a big sculptural hairstyle. Make a statement with something that’s not bridal.”

Maud Laceppe, the MAC makeup artist who conceived the effortless ‘70s-inspired makeup at Houghton’s show, has the same opinion of overdone bridal beauty. “Less is more for me,” she said. “I don’t like the bride to look not themselves on the day of the wedding. A full face of makeup doesn't make sense to me — it’s the biggest mistake a woman can make.” That said, a bride who wears Houghton is someone who sticks with her own look for the big day and doesn’t subscribe to trends.

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When it comes to a manicure, MAC’s likes a cool textural take on a nude color palette — polka dots, stripes. She hand-made water-marbled nails in a variety of pastels for the Houghton runway. “I think the rules have changed,” she said. “Stay true to who you are, [but] customize it to your personality. Patterns are really cool, doing lace I think is really beautiful.” Her ideal manicure to match a Houghton gown would be to appliqué a diaphanous white tinsel-y iridescent fabric onto the nails for texture.

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Adds Polk, “I think it’s really whatever her style is—that’s the Houghton girl. It’s the anti-get-dressed-up-in-a-wedding-dress-and-change-your-look-on-your-wedding-day look.”