House of Blues holds Encore for Education

Event raises $150K for Save the Music Foundation

Crosby Stills & Nash headlined the second annual Encore for Education event at the House of Blues Thursday, raising $150,000 for VH1's Save the Music Foundation. The event was private, and the evening's headliners were not advertised, at their request.

Robert S. Brunswick, Founder, President & CEO of Buchanan Street Partners, a national real estate investment firm, organized the event. Several businesses, who received custom-signed electric guitars from Crosby Stills & Nash, contributed to the funding. The evening, filled to capacity, was attended by the firm's clients and friends.

The $150,000 raised by the event will be given to five LAUSD [Los Angeles United School District] schools, Brunswick said, "that will restart five LAUSD music programs which will provide the use of musical instruments for three thousand children." 

Encore for Education, one of several of the Buchanan Foundation's children's charities, began in 2007. That event featured The Goo Goo Dolls as the headliners, raising $100,000 for music education.

A mix of charity and Hollywood entertainment, the evening was a combined effort between VH1's Save the Music Foundation and Brunswick's passion for musical education.

"VH1 said 'We'll match your net profits," he said. "Whatever you bring in we'll match.'"

Brunswick continued, "We view ourselves as a catalyst for corporate give-back. Buchanan Street Partners wants to be a leader to both commercial real-esate and other industries who can follow suit and say, 'You can do this.' We're going to be a leader in showing folks how to do this. For example, the real estate industry has been fortunate, even though in today's economy it's hard, they've been fortunate. It's a night of fun and networking and a way to give back through clients and friends we reached out to."

As last night's six-figure earnings for music education showed, it truly can be done.

"The Encore for Education brand is being elevated with more money, recognition and the event is doing well in a bad economy," said Brunswick. "It's about finding a way to give back to the community through children. Our goal is to support entrepreneurial kids' charities. Music has a direct correlation to math and English skills. You can build charitable events around a fun night for people."