'House of Cards' Molly Parker Toplines Indie 'ESC'

Matt Carr/Getty Images

Alain DesRochers' sci-fi pic is shooting in Sudbury, Ontario, with Nick Krause and Juliette Gosselin co-starring.

TORONTO — House of Cards' Molly Parker is toplining the Canadian indie sci-fi movie ESC, now shooting in Sudbury, Ontario.

Alain DesRochers' genre pic also stars Nick Krause (The Descendants), Juliette Gosselin, Jordyn Negri, Cassidy Marlene Jaggard and John McAfee providing off-screen computer voice narration.

ESC is set in an oppressive future where everyone connects via the computer, until a lonely young man is forced out into the real world to discover truths about that world and his own life.

Robert Higden wrote the screenplay for ESC, and Kimberley Berlin and Susan Schneir are producing for Suki Films, while Jason Jallet and Benjamin Paquette are producing for Nortario Film Group.

Francois Garcia, Walter Klymkiw and Higden share executive producing credits.

Suki Releasing will release ESC in Canada in fall 2015, while Kathy Morgan International handles the rest of the world sales.