Housekeeper Becomes Homeowner in Moving Prank Turned Viral Video


'Prank it Fwd' is no 'Punk'd'

As it turns out, getting pranked can actually be a good thing, at least if the pranking is done by Prank it Fwd.

The YouTube series has featured plenty of heartwarming stories, but it may have outdone itself this time.

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Cleveland woman Cara Simmons was tricked into thinking she was headed to a gig to clean a house. Simmons, who works as a housekeeper, has struggled with health issues while raising three children — and has no time for things like days off. When she showed up to her job, she was told she'd have to help the home's "owner" out by tasting food for a party that evening, among other fun things.

The prank? The house was actually belonged to Simmons, thanks to Prank it Fwd and sponsor Barefoot Wine. 

Prank it Fwd, from Defy and, takes submissions for deserving people in need of a good prank. 

"We were so motivated by the response and submissions we received, and experience proved that we could pull this off," says Barry Blumberg, head of content at Defy. "Cara's expression at the end made the incredible effort behind this all worth it."

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TV shows that give large gifts have occasionally come under fire, with critics saying that, once the cameras leave, the contestants are left with high property taxes or upkeep they may not be prepared for. Blumberg says they took care to ensure that won't be an issue here.

"Defy Media worked very closely with Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland, a fantastic organization that offers homeownership programs in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, to find the right house for Prank It Forward," says Blumberg. "We provided a variety of necessary financial supports to ensure Cara is able to meet the financial obligations required to reside in the home, including the opportunity for Cara to meet with NHS financial counselors."

Watch the video above to see how it all went down — but grab some Kleenex first. 

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