How Atlanta's Umi Attracts Hollywood Stars Like Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

"For Jennifer Lawrence, we made his Miyazaki beef steak," Chef Ito tells Where Hollywood Eats. "She told me that was the best steak she ever had."

The old- and new-money neighborhood of Buckhead in Atlanta, Georgia, has become a fine-dining destination for both locals and Hollywood stars in recent years. The Japanese modern restaurant Umi is one reason why.

Chef Fuyuhiko Ito of Umi tells Where Hollywood Eats, "We opened up our door almost five years ago and almost instantly we got so busy. It was always a moment."

According to Ito, the restaurant's main focus, serving customers, is based on the Japanese hospitality method called Omotenashi, which promotes self-sacrifice in service to one's guest. "Using this method, we create the best service and final product."

Judging by the clientele Umi attracts, it's working. Shipping in fresh ingredients from Japanese fish markets multiple times a week, Umi strives to look for "the best fish, not the cheapest fish."

Umi is a favorite to not only Atlanta residents, but some of Hollywood's biggest stars, like Jennifer Lawrence, Jason Statham, Drake and Liam Hemsworth.

"For Jennifer Lawrence, we made his Miyazaki beef steak," chef Ito tells THR. "She told me that was the best steak she ever had and I was very proud."

Whether you're a sushi connoisseur or a newbie, Umi has a dish for you. "I expect everybody has some experience eating the raw fish but if not, I do have the menu for them," chef Ito said. "I have to introduce some more standard fish for them first and then I can offer them some unique, exotic ingredients."