'How to Be Single' Trailer: Rebel Wilson Has a Lot of Dating Advice for Dakota Johnson

The Warner Bros. comedy also stars Leslie Mann, Anders Holm and Alison Brie.

"I know breaking up sucks, but you know what is even worse? Wasting a night in New York City," says Rebel Wilson in the opening of the trailer for the Warner Bros.' comedy How to Be Single.

Wilson proceeds to dish out a lot of advice to co-star Dakota Johnson in the ways of casual sex, and how to navigate everything from personal grooming (do it) to emoji use (don't).

At one point in the spot, Johnson looks up to the sky and closes her eyes, as she says in a voiceover: "The thing about being single is you should cherish it." Wilson is quick to rush in and break up the Sex and the City style inner monolog, saying, "Oh my god, stop having a moment!"

Christian Ditter directs the comedy that was written by Ben and Kate creator Dana Fox. Leslie Mann, Anders Holm and Allison Brie also star.

How to Be Single opens on Feb. 12.