Ben Stiller Reveals How He Started Playing Michael Cohen on 'SNL'

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The actor also reflected on the recent college admissions scandal, joking of his teenage daughter, who's currently looking at schools, "She is going to Yale on a full football scholarship."

Ben Stiller recently played President Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen in multiple episodes of Saturday Night Live, and the actor and comedian revealed how he first got the part when he visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.

Stiller said that he emailed SNL's creator and producer Lorne Michaels to see if he could bring his daughter, Ella, to a taping. "I said, 'Hey do you think I can come by?' And he said,  'Sure, and oh, by the way, do you happen to have a Michael Cohen lying around?' Like a Michael Cohen impression," he said. "Which I didn't, because who does?"

He prepared his impression by watching clips of Cohen on YouTube. "I realized that you didn't really hear him talk that much in the beginning, so I tried to work something up and I sent him a little video and then I was on the show that week," Stiller revealed.

DeGeneres later pointed out that Ella was in the audience, and Stiller shared that they were in Los Angeles to visit colleges. He also couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at the recent college admissions scandal.

"She is going to Yale on a full football scholarship," he joked of his daughter. "And she's going to major in photoshopping."

The jokes alluded to the recent, high-profile college admissions scandal. More than 50 people, including actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were charged in a scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly bribed insiders to get their children into elite schools.

While Huffman is accused of disguising a $15,000 charitable payment in the bribery scheme, Loughlin is accused of paying $500,000 in exchange for her two daughters to be designated as recruits for USC's crew team. The daughters were allegedly photoshopped into images to make them appear as athletes.

Stiller then reflected on the stress that goes along with the college admissions process. "There's crazy pressure the kids go through and the parents go through, but obviously you've got to draw the line," he said.

After Ella added that she is interested in pursing a career in acting, Stiller said that he supported her decision. "She loves it and she's very passionate about it and she knows what she wanted to do," he said. "I knew when I was 10, 11 years old that I wanted to direct movies and eventually act, too. It's a crazy business, as you know, so I just kind of want to support her in any way possible, legally."

Watch the full clip below.