How 'Bombshell's' Makeup and Hair Pros Transformed Charlize Theron Into Megyn Kelly

Bombshell - Charlize Theron - Publicity Still - Getty - Split - H 2019
Hilary B Gayle/Lionsgate; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

The actress' makeover came through thanks to a little cosmetic artistry, hairline alteration and prosthetic craftsmanship: "It's magical, what we all put together."

For the Bombshell hair and makeup team, the considerable task of transforming some of the most famous acting faces in the world began with the delicate, intricately crafted prosthetic work of Kazu Hiro, whose subtle applications helped turn Charlize Theron into a doppelganger of Megyn Kelly, who inhabits the core of the story of sexual harassment among the Fox News ranks. From there, hair and makeup artisans completed the metamorphosis, including an extra degree of difficulty that involved replicating the broadcaster's thick on-air cosmetics.

"I can't imagine having to paint the way that I've had to paint without that absolute finesse that Kazu did in his pieces — he was unbelievable," says makeup department head Vivian Baker, who called her team's work "a technical challenge on top of just the normal beauty makeup that you would do, because you're putting it on top of prosthetics — and prosthetics don't really like beauty makeup like that." But cosmetic artistry resulted in equally stunning effects, like altering Charlize Theron's eyes into the more hooded, almond-shaped orbs of star anchor Kelly.

Hair department head Anne Morgan's team capped the effect, literally. "Charlize has a much longer face, a much higher forehead and her angles are different," says Morgan. "Bringing the hairline down really helps her face take on that heart-shaped look of Megyn Kelly."

Adds Baker, "We were all a bunch of artists in there painting the same image. It's magical, what we all put together."

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