How 'Broad City' Helped Ilana Glazer Embrace Her Queerness

The comedian joined The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss her Amazon stand-up special.

Life after Broad City has been going well for Ilana Glazer.

The multihyphenate star recently released her Amazon stand-up special Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning, and joined The Hollywood Reporter In Studio to discuss addressing topics of gender norms and her sexuality.

"The gender norms thing is interesting to me. I am so grateful to the trans community, the LGBTQ community and trans people of color. They paved the way for everyone else who maybe appears like they fit in more," she explained. "They paved the way for everyone else to feel more fluid within themselves. And I'm really grateful for those conversations because, while as a cis white person, I have relative bodily safety that’s afforded to me because of the system, I really appreciate those conversations that have been coming up, and I appreciate that I can say that these days I feel like a third dude."

"People who are just living their lives don't necessarily mean to be progressing the culture, they're just trying to be themselves and make it possible for everyone to be themselves a little bit more," she added.

After creating Broad City with co-creator and co-star Abbi Jacobson, Glazer admits to In Studio what the Comedy Central series taught her about herself, saying, "My queerness has been kind of shown to me through Broad City, and Abbi, too."

"We've both experienced this unique, privileged version of self-actualization, where we've gotten to work it out on the show and then reflect and be like, 'Damn, I wasn't joking. That was me.' So, I've learned a lot from Broad City, including my own queerness and identity politics from reviews and reading people's pieces."

As for what’s next for Glazer, she'll be hitting the road for her stand-up tour in March, and will be bringing her Generator Collective series to each stop, gathering with fans to discuss politics with "experts, politicians and activists to understand, at a basic level, how the system works."

"We also do these Genny Socials, these voter empowerment dance parties," she said. Mixing dancing with information on political candidates, "it's like canvassing on Instagram with your social network, and we're trying to create cheat-sheets for the voting booth, so for people who come to Genny Socials, they can share that with their platforms."

Ilana Glazer: The Planet Is Burning is now streaming on Amazon.

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