How Charlie Sheen Put Ustream Back On The Map


A website employee tweeted the actor and "Sheen's Korner" was created 12 hours later.

What’s the best way to get in touch with Charlie Sheen? Tweet him.

After seeing the actor’s bizarre media tour, during which Sheen said he’d like to set up a live streaming show, Ustream employee Jason Kirk sent Sheen a tweet. Half a day later, Sheen’s Korner was born according to a new piece in The New York Times.

To date, approximately three million viewers have tuned in to the former Two and a Half Men star’s webcasts, which debuted 

Ustream got on the map after a San Franciscan couple turned a live camera on their Shiba Inu foster puppies so they could watch them while at work. Within a month, three million people had tuned in to watch. 26 million visited the site when a second litter of puppies was broadcast.

“Ustream is much bigger than a few days with Charlie Sheen,” Lynn Fox, the company’s vp of marketing and communications, said. “The puppy cam really put it on the map, but there have been a number of different broadcasts that really put it on the map as well. Like the Obama inauguration. Michael Jackson’s funeral.” Their broadcast of the Chilean miner rescue drew 5.3 million views over two days. And the site is only looking to expand.

“We created Ustream with a vision of giving anyone, anywhere, with a camera and an Internet connection, a platform to talk to their audience live, whether it’s friends, family or fans,” John Ham, its chief executive, said in an e-mail.

Which is exactly what Sheen is using it for. The actor used his second webcast to react to being fired by Warner Bros. Television.