How China Consumes Movies: Breaking Down the Data

Chinese Theater - Getty - H 2017
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Why women rule the box office, which U.S. actors generate the most ticket sales, plus China's favorite film genres (romance is dead), and more.

With more than 20 cinema screens still being constructed every day and a profound consumer embrace of mobile technology, China's film sector is one massive moving target.

The Chinese moviegoing audience — soon to be the world's biggest box-office generator — is becoming younger, more provincial and more fickle by the day. Meanwhile, an explosion of digital platforms, many of which are more advanced than their counterparts in the West, are becoming intricately entwined with the purchase, consumption and discussion of films.

"Digital platforms such as mobile ticketing, social media and online video are now well established in China," says Kelvin Hou of Mtime, the Beijing-based online movie service that supplied the Chinese data below. "The next phase will be about leveraging big data to create more powerful and precise marketing to drive consumers to cinemas."

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