How Chris Pratt Helped Raise $92,000 for 12-Year-Old Boy With Brain Cancer

Give Forward, Inc./AP Image

Chris Pratt encourages his fans to buy "Fear Isn't Real" shirts for Joe Henson's medical fund.

Twelve-year-old Joe Henson and his family have raised more than $92,000 for his fight against brain cancer and Chris Pratt has been a big part of their fundraising efforts.

Joe was diagnosed with medulloblastoma (a type of brain tumor) in June of last year, three years after his father died in a car accident. He has undergone brain surgery and lost his voice following a tracheotomy. Just before surgery, he repeated a phrase his father had taught him before he died.

"Joe said the night before surgery, 'Fear isn't real!' " his mother Angela recently recounted to Today.

Angela's friends Melanie and Jay started a Giveforward campaign to help pay Joe's medical bills. Jay grew up in the same neighborhood as Anna Faris and asked Faris' parents if she could have her husband Chris Pratt tweet about their fundraising efforts.

Pratt obliged and tweeted a link to the campaign in the midst of his Guardians of the Galaxy promotions, and Melanie says donations "just exploded." She added that Pratt made a "significant donation" himself.

In February of this year, Pratt saw that Melanie and Jay were selling "Fear Isn't Real" t-shirts and, unprompted, tweeted about the shirts.

"It was just a regular night for us, and once he [tweeted about the shirts], my husband's phone was just like, 'Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!'," Melanie told Today. "We sold 300 T-shirts in two days. It was insane."

Between the Giveforward campaign and the t-shirts (via, Melanie and Jay have raised $92,000 (and counting) for Joe Henson. Pratt continues to RT his fans who have purchased the shirts.

Here's a look at some of Pratt's fans who have purchased shirts: