How Comedian's "Worst Interview" Ever Blossomed Into a Friendship With The Rock


In 2013, Dwayne Johnson-obsessed comedian Nick Mundy spent three days in Miami at a press junket for Michael Bay's Pain & Gain. He stumbled from interview to interview, awkwardly peppering stars like Ken Jeong and Anthony Mackie with questions about working with The Rock.

When he finally met Johnson, he spent most of his few minutes fawning over the action star instead of asking questions.

"Those were the worst interviews I've ever seen," a Paramount executive remarked after watching Mundy work.

But Mundy's terrible interviews were all an act. Screen Junkies packaged the interview as "Superfan of The Rock Does Worst Interview Ever" and the video racked up 462,000 views. More surprisingly, Johnson requested Mundy when it came time for the Hercules junket, and more recently, the Furious 7 press tour.

"It started off as a joke. One day I was just like, 'I'm going to will myself to become good friends with The Rock,' " Mundy tells The Hollywood Reporter. "In real life, I'm by no means good friends with The Rock, but we tweet to each other and it's fine."

In the Hercules video, Johnson called up people who had wronged Mundy in the past (it was all real), while during the Furious 7 presser, Mundy shared a Lady and the Tramp moment with him (involving a banana, not a spaghetti).

Johnson's PR team — as well as the Paramount exec who called Mundy's interview terrible — are on board with the joke now that they get it.

"The Rock is a great improviser," says Mundy. "I don't have to do that much work. I just present him a premise of the game, and he just goes off and does it, and I'm just sitting there trying not to make goofy faces."

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