How Composer Heitor Pereira Made the 'Angry Birds' Score Soar

ANGRY BIRDS still1 - Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation-H 2016
Courtesy of Columbia Pictures and Rovio Animation

A behind-the-scenes look at how the music magic is made.

After three weeks as the country's highest-grossing movie, Captain America: Civil War may be forced out of the catbird seat by Sony’s The Angry Birds Movie. Box Office Mojo predicts that the animated film, based on the wildly popular mobile game, will rake in $58 million in its debut.

The score for the film, directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly, is as whimsical as the crazy characters, voiced by Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad and Danny McBride. Created by Heitor Pereira, who also has scored Minions, Despicable Me and Beverly Hills Chihuahua, among others, the music delightfully complements the ruffled-feathered flightless gang as they confront pigs who appear on their turf.

For Pereira, composing music for birds provided an opportunity to revisit his youth. “Since a kid I was always fascinated by birds. My grandfather would take me to places in the woods [and] say, "Close your eyes and tell me who’s singing,'” he says.

Who knew that knowledge would ever come in hand decades later? Not Pereira, but when it did he was ready. In the exclusive clip below, he talks about creating the score for the movie, and shows off a very big box containing dozens of bird calls that he incorporated into his score for Angry Birds. “Some of them are distorted, some of them are backward,” Pereira says.

“The score is a true tapestry of melodies,” he continued in a statement. “I used a large orchestra and choir, recorded bird wings flapping, features ruffling, woodpecker beaks pecking on a tree and bird songs. The sounds were cut up and filtered in order to create original drum sets for each bird.” Pereira isn’t only committed to cartoon creatures. He recently scored two nature documentaries: Discovery Channel’s Sonic Sea, which premiered in May, and The Last Animals, which is set to come out later this year.

Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from Angry Birds below.

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