How Cryotherapy — a Fave of Justin Timberlake — Is Taking Over NYC Like Nail Salons

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An infrared bed at NKD NYC, A cyrotheraphy pod at CryoVigor

The singer's wife, Jessica Biel, also loves the process by which body temperature is lowered to speed metabolism and boost energy. Infrared saunas are another quick-fix beauty trend.

They're proliferating in the city like nail salons: spas with infrared saunas, which raise the body temperature to fight energy-sapping bacteria, and cryotherapy (a Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel fave), which lowers temps to speed metabolism and boost energy.

"Within the past year, so many new places have popped up," says Erin Hamilton of NKD NYC, which opened in February on West 57th Street and offers cryo and infrared beds. "People want a quick fix; when you go into such a cold temperature with a sprained ankle, you see the swelling and bruising visibly reduce." Kathy Butters, owner of CryoVigor, which opens on West 46th Street in May, will do cryo facials. "When you step into the cryo, it's minus 200 to 256 degrees, which sends blood to your core to flush toxins," she says.

Higher Dose has infrared saunas and targeted cryo at four sites. Even Equinox, near Columbus Circle, added cryotherapy. "We wanted to offer an additional regeneration tool," says vp David Harris."We stand behind the scientific findings that cryotherapy can lessen pain and enhance performance." Which to do, hot or cold? "Cryotherapy gives a huge endorphin rush, and infrared is more relaxing," says Hamilton. "It depends on whether you are a sun worshipper or a snow bunny."

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