How Dan Patrick Landed Charlie Sheen

Courtesy of CBS

The radio show host reveals what the "Two and a Half Men" star requested before going on the air.

Dan Patrick got two calls from Charlie Sheen in a week, generating plenty of buzz for his radio and DirecTV show.

Now, he is explaining how it all came about.
“We had him on last year,” Patrick said in an interview with Boomer & Carton on Thursday. “We just talked baseball and memorabilia and Ricky Vaughn/’Wild Thing,’” a reference to Sheen’s character in 1989′s Major League. “And he said, ‘Next time I come on, I want to have more time to talk.’”
Sheen gave Patrick his number.
After Patrick learned that Sheen had delivered an anti-drug pep speech (following his most recent hospitalization),  Patrick said: "I thought, ‘You know what, let’s call him.’”
And Sheen was more than happy to talk.
Patrick said the troubled actor - whose on-hiatus CBS show Two and a Half Men returns to production Feb. 28 - “wanted two segments, not one this time.”
He told his producer to stay in touch with Sheen over the weekend because, as Patrick put it, “It’s Charlie Sheen — he could get lost on us.”
Sheen texted Patrick’s producer on Monday, “said he was ready to go and said, ‘Here’s the house number,’” said Patrick. “And that was it.”