How the Foo Fighters Took Their Music to the Cloud to Make 'Sonic Highways'

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The show's producer tells THR that cloud storage service Box made it all possible

For his HBO documentary series Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters frontman and series director Dave Grohl traveled to eight different U.S. cities, recording a song in each one while also building an episode around a given visit. The logistics presented a challenge unto themselves, and to track and review the videos, images and music that make up the show, the producers and post-production team turned to the cloud storage service Box.

Series producer Jim Rota tells The Hollywood Reporter that Box was especially helpful given the show's extensive use of licensed music, allowing producers to handle all archival material and even "keep track of upwards of 900-plus music clearances per show."

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Rota calls Box an "absolute, all-in-one easy solution" for the show's director and praised it for allowing them to not only conveniently share files but also incorporate the spreadsheets they were already using. 

Box's services were also valued by producers because of the amount of travel involved with the show, with the show heading to key U.S. music destinations like Nashville, Los Angeles and New Orleans to highlight their different influences.

Box CEO Aaron Levie tells THR that media companies rely on constant collaboration, whether with a law firm, studio or agency, which is why the service is so in demand in this particular industry. Box, which began in 2005, currently works with nearly 240,000 businesses, including Netflix, DreamWorks, Legendary Pictures, Pandora and CAA.

As for Box's relationship with Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, Levie calls it "a perfect example of how much is changing in the entire ecosystem," emphasizing that Box's system allows media companies to share data securely and have "better control of data and information."

The final episode of Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, focusing on the New York City music scene, airs Dec. 5 at 11 p.m. on HBO.