How George Clooney prepped for Emmy

Hint: He had a ball with John Krasinski

George Clooney said winning the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award was very different than winning an acting award. "It's embarrassing. You don't want to be awarded for doing what you're supposed to be doing."
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But it is a way to bring up issues and to use fame, which Clooney believes celebrities should do. "All we're trying to say is if there's going to be a tremendous amount of attention placed on us, it's too much. We can try and deflect some of it onto people who can really use it. That's all it is. If you can do it without harming people along the way, it's a good thing."

Clooney was humble, noting Bob Hope, for whom the award is named, did a lot more than just the U.S.O. shows he's famed for.

"I don't particularly do more than anybody else in the position I'm in," said Clooney. "I try to pick subjects that I can learn about and focus on and then do as much as I can."

He called using the spotlight to help a cause a "celebrity credit card" that you are "able to cash in in other places."

Clooney also said he was enjoying the telecast. "The show is really good tonight. Jimmy Fallon is just killing it. He's really funny."

When asked by a reporter who accompanied him to Sunday's show, he joked, "My date today ... she picked me up in Italy!" (His girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, followed him backstage.)

Before putting on his tux, pal John Krasinski "came over with a bunch of guys, and we played basketball." (In July, Krasinski wed actress Emily Blunt at Clooney's Lake Como villa.)

Additional reporting by Lindsay Powers
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