How to Get Elle Fanning's Glitter Eye Look

Elle Fanning - Glittery Eyes - Getty - P - 2016
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Make up artist Erin Ayanian Monroe, who works with both Fanning sisters, dishes on the secret to creating the sparkling look.

Elle Fanning has made glitter eye makeup her signature look recently, stepping out to multiple events rocking the bold beauty look. Below, makeup guru Erin Ayanian Monroe shares the inspiration behind the look and the secret to making the style work.

"With red-carpet looks the goal is beauty, fun and creativity. When I use the glitter on Elle, the trick is to first lay down something for it to cling to like NYX Glitter Primer. After I apply the glitter, any stray pieces are cleaned up with scotch tape. The Neon Demon influence was clearly seen in Elle’s L.A. premiere look with the Dolce & Gabbana pink dress covered in sequins and the pink glittered eyelids. Elle has a really free adventurous spirit when it comes to her makeup, so we have a great time coming up with an unexpected look. We have compatible creative sensibilities. I feel like I won the career lottery working with both Elle and Dakota."