How To Get Priyanka Chopra's Bow Bun

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The 'Quantico' star's hairstylist Castillo gives a step-by-step breakdown of the look.

Priyanka Chopra's twist on a top knot at Jan. 9's BAFTA Awards Season Tea in L.A. cemented the actress as a trendsetter of 2016. Says Chopra of the unexpected elegant style (No. 6 on THR's Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2016), "Definitely one of my more memorable hair moments." 

The Bollywood star's hairstylist Castillo breaks down the exact steps to get the look, below. 

Castillo: The bow bun was definitely one of my favorite looks to create on Priyanka. It's a fun, sophisticated spin on a traditional bun or top knot, and it's easy to do! 

This look can be created on clean or dirty hair. If you're like me and have to wash your hair every other night, then make sure to use a great shampoo and conditioner. Try Pantene smooth + sleek shampoo and conditioner. This will leave your hair feeling healthy and shiny, and will help with styling this look! Start by coating your strands with your favorite thermal protectant. Blow dry your hair with the air flow directing back away from your face. When you get to the nape section tilt your head forward and blow dry under and toward your face.

Now that your hair is completely blown out and smooth, take some dry shampoo or texturizing spray and spray all over. This will help and some great fullness and grip to your hair without weighing it down. Brush all your hair back into a mid-high ponytail, the tighter the better, then secure with an elastic. 

Here comes the fun part!

Place 3 fingers horizontally in front of your ponytails base. Grab the ponytail and bring it forward and over the fingers, creating a loop. Secure the loop with another elastic, leaving the end of the ponytail out.

Split the loop open like a book and secure each side down with hair pins.

Grab the hair at the end of your pony and pull it back and over the middle of the two sections, secure that piece down. 

Finish the look by cleaning up any flyaway hairs with Pantene Airspray Smooth Hairspray.


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