How to Get Rihanna's Grammys Beauty Look

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Rihanna at the 2017 Grammys

Since she wasn't performing, her glam squad kept it chill.

When an artist is performing at the Grammys — as Adele and Beyonce did, to much anticipation, on Sunday — there's all kinds of pressure. But when you're a guest, even a guest like Rihanna, it's a different night. “She could be a bit more relaxed because she wasn’t performing — not overthinking or overdoing,” says Rihanna’s longtime hairstylist Yusef Williams. “We did decide prior to color her hair! Not for the Grammys per se, but for life.”

The lighter-brown locks the nominated singer debuted on Sunday night were a change from her latest black shade — “a little more natural, beautiful and young,” says Williams — but nothing was dramatically different about her look. Her Armani Prive orange sequined top, which put her midriff tattoo on full display, and ball skirt were, in manicurist Kimmie Kyees’ words, “both true statement pieces.” For that reason, she says, “We wanted to keep her nails natural, but noticeable. She is known for her bold nail looks, so tonight we kept it tame.”

But for Rihanna, “tame” is a statement. She was perhaps channeling stars who embrace the natural look (like Alicia Keys) with her long square-shaped nails coated in only Orly’s sheer BB Creme all-in-one treatment. Says Kyees, “It strengthens, smooths and brightens for a beautiful natural look.”

Rihanna's hair was another exercise in restraint. Because the “ensemble was very airy and flowy,” says Williams, “her hair was a natural extension of that — playful, carefree and, of course, sexy!” The keys to her look: the ghd Curve Wave Wand, which the hairstylist used to enhance and perfect the natural waves in her hair, and Matrix Style Link Airy Builder Dry Texturizing Foam ($18), which lent an airy feel and that ever-important separation.

The final touches came courtesy of the ghd Gold Professional 1” Styler, which Williams used to flat-iron Rihanna’s roots, creating contrast and nixing flyaways. The final result was lush and glamorous, yet laid-back. After all, says Williams, “People notice dramatic hair and it creates conversation. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

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