How the 'Gone Girl' Cast Avoids Spoilers

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Casey Wilson at Friday night's 'Gone Girl' world premiere

Don't tell Casey Wilson how 'The Sopranos' ends

As the millions of readers of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl novel know, while the book begins with the disappearance of Amy Dunne and her husband Nick suspected of murdering his wife, the story takes several twists and turns from that point forward.

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The movie, which made its world premiere Friday night at the New York Film Festival, similarly contains a minefield of spoilers for the few who haven't read the book or even those who have but are wondering how the film version differs.

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And in between the movie's New York debut, which consisted of eight public screenings at Lincoln Center on Friday night (not counting a press screening), and Gone Girl's wide release on Oct. 3, those who don't want to know what happens to Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck's Amy and Nick will likely be trying to avoid any and all spoilers from those who've seen the film.

In light of Gone Girl's spoiler-heavy nature, The Hollywood Reporter asked castmembers how they avoid spoilers about movies or TV shows they haven't yet seen.

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Here's what they said:

Casey Wilson, plays neighbor Noelle Hawthorne: "I'm never the person that's watching things as they come out. It's so sad. I'm watching everything so far after. I'm still getting caught up. I'm like, 'What happened at the end of The Sopranos? Don't tell me!' People are like, 'The Sopranos?' I'm like, 'Don't tell me how How I Met Your Mother ends. … It's actually on me now; people should spoil things for me. … I deserve it."

Patrick Fugit, plays Officer Jim Gilpin: "Anytime I see like the acronym, 'GoT' or 'Game of,' [both of which refer to HBO's Game of Thrones] I stop reading. I usually cover up the TV or plug my ears and hum or something like that. … Facebook is a hard one. I don't think I go on there too much."

Kim Dickens, plays Detective Rhonda Boney: "Oh I just tell everybody. I'm like, 'Do not tell me!' I don't go on. … If I see a picture or anything, I don't go on. … I'm really good about it. I don't like spoilers. Some people do."

David Clennon, plays Amy's father Rand Elliot: "You have to avoid reading reviews. You have to be careful what you read online because somebody might spill the beans and ruin the surprise for you. It's really tricky because there's so much information out there now, in newspapers and on television shows and online in blogs and comment pages, there's so much information, it's really hard to insulate yourself from too much information."

Scott Takeda, plays a TV producer: "I'm one of the worst people as far as being able to avoid spoilers. I think one of the worst ones that happened to me recently was I was trying to not hear the finale of what the results were of Breaking Bad, and I was out of town, I had it DVR'd. I was flying back and trying to avoid every single piece of media I could possibly avoid so I didn't know it and then a friend called me up and ruined it. It's really hard to avoid it in this day and age."