Jacob Tremblay Skipped Line at SAG Awards to Meet Leonardo DiCaprio

Jacob Tremblay on Ellen  - H 2016
Courtesy of Ellen Tube

After the 'Revenant' star won but Tremblay didn't, the 9-year-old surmised, "If you want to win you just have to come up to me."

On Tuesday's Ellen, the ever-endearing Jacob Tremblay told Ellen DeGeneres all about how he met Leonardo DiCaprio at the SAG Awards.

The Room actor said when he "standed up" during a standing ovation, he noticed DiCaprio in the chair behind him. "I just walked straight up to him," said Tremblay.

"I noticed a huge line of people trying to meet him, and I was just, like, 'Oh, I'm a kid, so I can skip it,' so I skipped it and I said, 'Hi,' " the 9-year-old recounted. The two, both SAG Award nominees, wished each other good luck, but Tremblay pointed out that DiCaprio won in his category and he didn't. "So if you want to win you just have to come up to me," surmised the young actor.

Tremblay also spoke with DeGeneres about his favorite subject in school (recess) and how he wants to be a screenwriter and director when he grows up.

He neglected to share his script ideas, though: "I don't think I should tell you them, because I don't want some Steven Spielberg-George Lucas-JJ Abrams to come and make millions of dollars off of my ideas." 

Watch his sweet interview below and check out the Star Wars outfit DeGeneres gave Tremblay to wear to the Oscars.