James Corden Reveals How Kanye West's Airplane Version of "Carpool Karaoke" Came Together

James Corden attends the World Premiere and After Party of Showtime's HITSVILLE - Getty-H 2019
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The 'Late Late Show' host also opened up about learning to speak with an American accent and explained how he was transformed into his feline character for 'Cats' when he visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!.'

James Corden revealed how Kanye West's segment of "Airpool Karaoke" came to be when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday.

After he admitted West is a "complex fellow," Corden explained that he had tried to get West to do "Carpool Karaoke" two times before. "The first time he agreed and then he canceled a few days later," he said. "The second time that Kanye canceled 'Carpool Karaoke' was so late in the day that I was driving up his road in the car with all the cameras and got this phone call saying it's been canceled."

When promoting his new album Jesus Is King, West reached out to Corden to ask if he could do the segment with his choir on a bus. After Corden agreed, West said he wanted to film the segment two days later. "I was like, 'Well, that's difficult because we need to get a truck and permits,'" he said. "He goes, 'No, I think Monday would be great.'"

After he reached out to The Late Late Show's producers, Corden learned that they wouldn't be able to film the segment until Wednesday. The staff reached out to get permits and find a bus for the segment, though no one responded to their requests. "Wednesday morning, 11 a.m., someone sends an email saying, 'It's not gonna happen today,'" he recalled. "We were like, 'Yeah, no shit it's not gonna happen today.'"

"This is where he's brilliant. He just then goes, 'I want to do it on an airplane.' And we go, 'OK, great. Brilliant. Why not? Let's do it on a spaceship?'" Corden said of West's last-minute request. "To his credit, he and his team get the plane."

Corden admitted that while he was on his way to film the segment, he was unsure whether it would actually happen. "I was on the phone with my dad, telling my dad what we're about to do and my dad was like, 'This is incredible.' And I was like, 'It could be,'" he said.

"Being on that plane, surrounded by that choir, sitting with him — and he was in a great place and in the best mood — I will never, ever forget what that choir sounded like on that airplane," he said. "It was an astonishing thing and I really thought this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing that I'll never forget."

Earlier in the segment, Corden opened up about learning to speak with an American accent for Ryan Murphy's Prom.

While he has an accent coach, he said that his 8-year-old son is his best teacher. "He was 3 when we moved and he has got this incredible thing where he talks in a British accent with me and my wife and an American accent with all of his buddies at school and his teachers," Corden revealed.

"He'll like go, 'Dad, can we go in the garden?' And I go, 'Yeah, of course, buddy,"' he said with an English accent. He then switched to an American accent and said, "And he goes, 'Carey, come on. Let's go out in the yard."'

Corden concluded, "I'm just hanging around with him and hoping that it rubs off."

The Late Late Show host also spoke about the computer-generated technology that made him and his Cats co-stars appear as their feline characters. "It's technology that's never, ever been used in a film before," he said.

"You have a computer sort of band around your head. You have dots all over your face," he said. "I was in a big, sort of round CGI suit that's also covered in dots and then under that you have a suit with these computers."

"Sometimes there were like 50 people in a shot — all being cats, all just with dots all over them — and everything's being beamed to 50 computers and then they add all the fur, the ears, the tail, everything," he explained. "It's quite extraordinary."

Corden added that working with Tom Hooper, Taylor Swift, Idris Elba, Rebel Wilson, Sir Ian McKellen and Judi Dench "was quite extraordinary." He continued, "Then when you add the layer of everyone pretending to be a cat, you really can't help but feel you're on some kind of hallucinogenic."