How Jennifer Aniston's movie mates rate

'The Switch' star's rom-coms have been hit or miss

More than a decade after making the big-screen leap, Jennifer Aniston still appears more friend than lover to the moviegoing masses. Her last feature outing, March opener "The Bounty Hunter," surely made it into profitability for Sony, assuming a studio estimate of $40 million in pic production costs is to be believed. But a search of the winsome actress' filmography shows it's tough to find many breakout successes, absent the occasional pairing with a cute mutt or Vince Vaughn. Her latest stab at cinematic glory -- "The Switch," co-starring Jason Bateman -- looks unlikely to break with that pattern. The romantic dramedy is among four wide openers set for Friday and with Wednesday's opener "Vampires Suck" a whopping five wide releases unspooling this week. Representing the first release by Miramax since its sale by Disney, "Switch" is tracking limply even compared with a weak group of theatrical debutantes. -- Carl DiOrio