How Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith's Grammys Duet Came About

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Justin Bieber not only shared stage time with Usher at Sunday's Grammys - he also performed with Jaden Smith.

Bieber, 16, and Smith, 12, are hardly strangers.
Last year they recorded a duet, "Never Say Never," which was featured on the soundtrack to Smith's box office hit Karate Kid.
They also starred in the track's video together, with Bieber referring to Smith as his "lil' bro."
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The two have also been hanging out off camera, too: They've been showing up to random theaters in Los Angeles to surprise fans seeing Bieber's box office hit Never Say Never.
Bieber recently credited Jayden's dad, Will Smith, with helping him forge a career in acting.
"Will's definitely looking at different scripts for me and trying to develop stuff," he said recently on The Billy Bush Show radio program. Though he hasn't officially signed on for any projects, he said: "We're just kind of looking at stuff."