Ikea Releases Instructions On How to Turn One of Its Rugs Into a 'Game of Thrones' Cape

Because winter is coming, etc. etc.

Whether you're a diehard Game of Thrones fan or just a human person residing in the Northern hemisphere, you're probably well aware that winter is coming. 

As such, its imperative to be prepared for the elements — especially if you're planning on going Beyond the Wall at any point in the future. But don't worry, Ikea's got your back. (See what I did there.)

Everybody's favorite maker of affordably priced furnishings and the best Swedish meatballs outside of Sweden has released an official manual showing how one can transform one of their shaggy sheepskin rugs into a massive cape in the same manner that GoT costume designer Michele Clapton did when outfitting the members of the Night's Watch. The cape is perfect for both night on the town or taking on the White Walkers. Dragonglass not included for the latter activity.

The little man in the instruction booklet will look familiar to anyone who owns any piece from the Hemnes collection, or who's ever had to furnish a college apartment. Like all Ikea instruction manuals, there is no text, however the actions appear simple enough: Purchase a rug (the Skold is a nice option, and at just $79 it's so much cheaper than Canada Goose) and cut an opening as well as a round hole for your head. Voila!

Remember, Halloween is coming, too.