How New Yorkers Really Feel About Living in a Trump Building: "I Plead Temporary Insanity"

A THR reporter parked outside of a handful of Trump-owned properties (Manhattan has 10 in all) to find out what residents (including Keith Olbermann) think of the GOP candidate.

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1. Keith Olbermann wants out — real bad.  
Actual Trump building residents are hard to find and even harder to get on the record. But the journalist and TV veteran, who recently penned a Washington Post essay about his decision to sell his pad in an Eastside Trump building, says he's willing to take a loss. "It was a nice view and a good price and all of this stuff that you try to rationalize. … I plead temporary insanity," Olbermann tells THR of his 2007 purchase. "I'm just hoping to get rid of it and out from under the onus."

2. European tourists will stay at his hotels even if they think he's a wack job.
"Crazy," "racist" and "crazy racist" were among the Trump descriptives offered when THR polled a number of foreigners staying at the Trump Soho, including a French woman, a gay German couple and a half-dozen Brits.

3. No one is boycotting Jean-Georges.
It is possible to feel the Bern and indulge a hankering for foie gras brulee. Many self-identified liberals who were caught lunching at four-star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's flagship restaurant in the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Columbus Circle admitted they're not about to starve their finely tuned palates over differing politics. "We have our issues," confesses one Westchester doctor, "but not enough to keep us from eating here."

4. Richard Belzer is not a fan.
When THR spotted the actor and comedian sharing iPhone videos with Trump Soho doormen, Belzer, who was in New York for Jerry Lewis' 90th birthday and a Law & Order: SVU guest spot, made it clear he was not staying at the hotel. (He knew one of the doormen.) "Would I [stay at this hotel]?" says Belzer, out to walk his dogs Houdini and Bebe. "At gunpoint."

5. Don't confuse limousine liberals with limousine drivers.
It can be hard to find a Trump supporter in liberal New York, but one cabbie fawned over his "businessman" prowess, and a chauffeur passing by the Trump International expressed unapologetic fervor for the GOP candidate. After saying he'd vote for Trump, the driver screamed, "Make America great again!" before gunning his limo up Central Park West.