How One Actor Ruined Steve Carell's $15,000 'Big Short' Wardrobe

'The Big Short' director Adam McKay reveals the time Billy Magnussen made a costly mistake.

In The Hollywood Reporter's discussion with the stars of The Big Short, director Adam McKay explained how Billy Magnussen ruined Steve Carell's $15,000 wardrobe.

"Billy Magnussen plays one of the mortgage brokers with Max Greenfield," said McKay. "He shows up for like two days, and he's a young guy, so he's partying down in New Orleans."

Wanting to do his laundry, Magnussen headed to the film's wardrobe truck. The washing machine's latest cycle was over but the wet clothes still remained.

"He takes it all out, and it's wet, so he just shoves it in the dryer," McKay recounted. "And then he puts his clothes in the washing machine. What he doesn't realize is, these are like $15,000 worth of wardrobe for Carell; these are like Brioni tailor-made."

The mistake, unknown to Carell, came as a surprise the following day on set.

"And the next day I put on my shirt, and I was like, "I couldn't have gotten this fat in one day," Carell joked. 

McKay did admit that Magnussen felt bad about the mishap.

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