How Paula Patton Stole the Show at the 'Baggage Claim' L.A. Premiere

Paula Patton Baggage Claim Premiere - P 2013
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Paula Patton Baggage Claim Premiere - P 2013

The stars of David E. Talbert's film had nothing but praise when describing the star, who tells THR that Miley Cyrus got "too much flak" for her racy VMAs performance with Patton's husband, Robin Thicke.

Only a few minutes into the L.A. premiere of Baggage Claim, and it was already clear who the star of the night was. Celebrities, athletes, musicians and executives packed the carpet at L.A. Live, but there was one person all of them were talking about.

"My scenes with Paula [Patton] were hilarious," said co-star Taye Diggs. "It was fun watching her reactions, and I am still to this day so impressed with how funny she is, and her comic timing, and her ability to improvise."

Diggs wasn't the only one dazzled by Patton's talent: Terrence Jenkins was also one of the many co-stars to gush about the leading lady.

"Paula's hilarious, man. I mean, in addition to being beautiful, she is funny as hell. I think people are really going to see a different side of Paula," explained Jenkins.

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Over the past month, Patton has found herself at the center of a media storm after the three-minute MTV Video Music Awards performance featuring her husband, Robin Thicke, and wild-child Miley Cyrus went viral. However, she clearly isn't letting the incident, or Cyrus' recent remarks in Rolling Stone calling Thicke "the man behind the ass," faze her.

"The whole thing, I think, is silly. I think she got too much flak altogether. I don't know what people expected from [Miley]. … It's about doing the drug molly, so I don't know what they thought she was going to do, sit down and play the piano?" Patton told The Hollywood Reporter.

Her no-nonsense attitude and passion for her craft made her a standout to the cast and crew of the film, but in their eyes, she's just getting started.

"Paula did a great job, you know, she has so much warmth, and she really draws the audience to her. She's the new 'it' girl," said Jenifer Lewis, who plays Patton's mother in the film.

Creating a successful film is truly a team effort, and no one understood that more than David E. Talbert, who wore three hats as the director, writer and producer.

"[Talbert] created an environment that was so fun, so professional, and we wanted to give him everything we had," said Lewis. "We felt great doing it."

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For Patton, Talbert's script made her "laugh out loud" upon reading it. "I knew I had to do it," she tells THR. "I do everything with my gut."

Adam Brody, who plays a flamboyant flight attendant, couldn't resist throwing in a few jokes about his castmates.

When asked about the atmosphere on set, he described it as "tense, very tense. You could hear a pin drop," only cracking a smile at the end.

"David works at a beautifully leisurely pace, and I mean that in the best possible way," said Brody. "It was very relaxing and collaborative. I never felt rushed, and we got to talk anything out," he described.

The 96-minute feature, which also stars Boris Kodjoe,Trey Songz, La La Anthony, Jill Scott and Affion Crockett, includes a truly close-knit group of friends, which the cast credits as the reason they all worked so well together.

"We all know each other, so just bringing it together, it doesn't feel like work," laughed Anthony. "Its fun!"

The film opens in theaters this Friday, Sept. 27.