Sex, Drugs and Activism: How 'Pose' Cast Was Tested by Season Two Storylines

The FX series received two Emmy nominations, including outstanding drama series.

Pose stars Dyllon Burnside, Indya Moore, Angel Bismark Curiel, Hailie Sahar and Mj Rodriguez are preparing for the Emmys next month by looking back at where their stories went during the last nine episodes, including stepping into the shoes of early AIDS activists, filming steamy sex scenes, having all-night drug binges at disco clubs and more.

While talking about bringing the stories of LGBTQ activists in the '90s to television, Sahar told In Studio With The Hollywood Reporter: "I just feel more of an honor to be telling a story of people that I'm standing on the shoulders of. I think it's important for the rest of the world just to see how strong and how unique and how important we are and our capability of doing things, so I'm happy that we're telling these stories, and I'm happy that we're in the position to do these."

Burnside added: "One of the things I think that's really cool about this show this season is we get to see these characters be humanized in spite of whatever they're dealing with, whether that be HIV or being queer or trans."

Rodriguez went on to say, "Hopefully we influence the generations that are after us and also the viewers who are watching, that they take some time to put themselves in our shoes and actually really try to see if they can fight for us, like how we fought for ourselves. Not only is it an entertainment show, but it's an educational show, and hopefully they can take that away from it as well."

One talked-about moment from the second season was Ricky and Pray Tell's steamy sex scene, and as Burnside explained, "I was incredibly nervous."

"Billy [Porter] and I got a chance to sit and talk before we shot. We shot really early in the morning, and he also expressed that he was really nervous because it was his first sex scene too. That really helped ease some of my feelings."

The star goes on to explain how a piece of advice from co-star Bismark Curiel to "focus on the scene and what's happening between these two people" helped calm his nerves.

"I was more conscious of the dynamic between Ricky and Pray Tell and what's really happening," he continued. "What we really see happening is two people who are in vulnerable spaces, who want to be loved and don't know where in the world they can find it, and they have found strange bedfellows in one another because of their shared experience, and so they're embracing that together and it's a really beautiful thing."

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