How to Recreate Emilia Clarke’s Nude Makeup Look

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The 'Game Of Thrones' star's neutral look rocked the Emmys.

Chanel makeup artist Kate Lee, who counts Anne Hathaway and Keira Knightley as clients, breaks down Emilia Clarke’s flawless nude look from the Emmys (No. 12 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 25 Beauty Moments of 2016).

What was the inspiration for Emilia’s look?

I wanted something classic, but with a modern element for Emilia. I thought the deep, matte violet eyelid and hyper-glossy lip was a good combination with her nude chainmail Atelier Versace dress.

How did you create the soft, smoky eye?

I chose a gray-violet matte shade that I thought was reminiscent of Liz Taylor's timeless glamor, but refreshingly modern and flattering to Emilia's skin tone and slightly lighter hair color. I started by applying a small amount of Chanel Le Crayon Khôl Intense Eye Pencil along the lower lash line and smudged it with a small brush. I then used a combination of Chanel Soft Touch eye shadows in “Fauve” and “Hésitation” to build up the soft, smoky look above and below the lash line, softly blending inwards with a domed brush. The finishing touch was a coat of Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara in Noir.

What did you use to get the glossy lip?

I started with a cream highlighter to highlight Emilia's Cupid's bow and completely skipped lip liner. She has such beautiful, full lips with a naturally gorgeous color and shape, so I didn't feel that it was necessary to change or enhance the shade. I just used Chanel Gloss Volume Plumping Lipgloss to add lots of shine on top of her natural lip color. That was the very modern element.

Et voila.