How Rita Wilson Became a Singer-Songwriter for 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2'

Greek Wedding Wilson Inset - H - 2016
George Kraychyk/Universal Pictures; Venturelli/Wireimage

Wilson's husband, Tom Hanks, would come home from film shoots to the sound of melodies she was developing with co-writers. "I've always been involved in music," she says.

Late into the 16-year gap between My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sequel, Rita Wilson, who co-produced both films, went through a major change: She became a singer-songwriter. "I thought, 'Can you write a song if you don't play an instrument?' " Her friend, musician Kara DioGuardi, said yes, and Wilson has been on a co-writing tear ever since.

Her latest, "Even More Mine," plays during the end credits for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The songwriting process started with Nathan Chapman (of Taylor Swift fame) and Darrell Brown (whom Wilson "stalked" on Twitter for his LeAnn Rimes collaborations). "We had a lovely meal, because as a true Greek woman you can't have people over to your house and not serve them a meal," she says.

Her husband, Tom Hanks, arrived home after a movie shoot and curled up with his eyes closed on a couch. "He was lying there with the dog," says Brown, "and every once in a while we'd see this hand shoot up: 'Oh, that was beautiful.' " Adds Chapman, "Normally, when somebody else is in the room, you become self-aware, but he certainly added to the vibe" — perhaps because, as Wilson says, the song is about how "you know things won't be perfect, but you're there for each other; no matter what happens, it's the two of you."

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