Obsessee's IRL Pop-Up Shop Only Accepts "Social Currency" — Not Cash

Sarah Gidick
Obsesee's IRL Pop-Up

All you need to do to get your hands on the cool Obsessee swag is post to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook.

No cash? No problem — Obsessee's new IRL pop-up shop at The Grove only accepts "social currency" (ie. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat posts) in exchange for its goodies, which include Keds, Old Navy denim jackets, vintage tees, Swatch sunglasses and more donated items, as well as Obsessee branded patches, pins and notebooks. 

Open Friday through Sunday (July 15 to 17), the social media-only brand's first-ever pop-up store is also one of the first of its kind — and a perfect fit for young, aspiring influencers who may be strapped for cash, but rich in followers. "These girls live and breathe social media," Obsessee editorial director Naomi Nevitt told Pret-a-Reporter of Gen Z, the brand's target audience. "They live their lives through these apps." 

Located at The Grove's pop-up space (adjacent to the fountain, directly in front of Crate & Barrel), the store will allow fans to get a taste for Obsessee IRL, and also serves as a test-run for future experiences. The team hinted at possibly taking the concept to different cities, as well as experimenting with more in-person meet-ups.

But the pop-up at The Grove isn't just about shopping. On Sunday from 1:30 to 4 p.m., customers can bring any denim piece to the shop for free customization courtesy of Foxhole L.A. Distressing, patch application (the shop sells branded patches as well as vintage varieties) and monogram embroidery will be available.

Here, a guide (and video!) to exactly how to shop the Obsessee experience: 

1. Choose your item: 
Each item in the store has a "price" which can be paid for via "social currency" — a Snapchat post is the least valuable currency while an Instagram or Facebook post are the most valuable. Larger items, such as an Instax camera, cost three posts. Customers are limited to two Instagram or Facebook posts.

2. Upload your post: 
The photo customers choose to share don't necessarily have to be of the product itself. Feel free to share selfies from within the store, images of the cool decor or snaps of friends. Just be sure to tag @Obsessee and the brand of the piece purchased and add the hashtag, #IGotFreeStuf. Naturally, there are branded Snapchat filters and geotags to add a little pizazz to your snaps.

3. Show the post to an employee:
To prove that you've posted, show your phone to one of two shop girls, who will then write down the handles from which you've shared. (They'll also check to see that the post is appropriate.)

4. Enjoy!
Once you've been checked out, you're all set! 


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