How the Table Turned on L.A. Dining Critic Jonathan Gold: 'I'm Being Reviewed!'

City of Gold
Courtesy of Sundance International Film Festival

The Pulitzer Prize winner is the subject of 'City of Gold,' a Sundance selection.

This story first appeared in the Jan. 30 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Pulitzer Prize-winning L.A. dining critic Jonathan Gold, known for his egalitarian approach to food culture, is the subject of City of Gold, a selection at Sundance. "I'm being reviewed!" he says of the gimlet eye placed on him by documentarian Laura Gabbert, who met him years ago after winning a meal with the writer at a school charity auction. (Their kids attended kindergarten together.)

Gold, who shed his anonymity a while back, doesn't think the doc will impact his ability to do his job in the future: "I liken it to being a movie critic with a director tapping you on the shoulder saying, 'This is the really good part!' It wouldn't help. Chefs don't have an extra gear to send out a better dish."