How Three Little-Known British Designers Scored With Big Stars at the Hollywood Film Awards

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Amber Heard in Roksanda Illincic

Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone and Amber Heard wore designs by Erdem, Jonathan Saunders and Roksanda Illincic at the event.

Unless you're a world-famous fashion designer, most likely from Paris, Milan or New York, you're not going to dress Hollywood's A list -- not during awards season, and probably not likely during any other season, as well.

However, three very good British designers scored BIG at the Hollywood Film Awards, dressing Anne Hathaway (Erdem), Emma Stone (Jonathan Saunders) and Amber Heard (Roksanda Illincic) -- but that was about as likely as -- well, as someone wearing H&M to the Oscars. (Well, that's probably not far off, right?)

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How did these newish Brits score the big Hollywood red carpet fish? The early bird catches the worm! All three of these designers were part of last week's London Show Rooms program, at which a big group of London's fashion stars shared space at the Ace Gallery in Hollywood, showing spring collections to journalists, yes -- but more importantly, to stylists. The stylists got to look at all of these pretty great looks very early, without having to go to London Fashion Week -- and, no doubt, put in orders for their actresses the minute they saw these dresses.

In the case of Hathaway, her spring 2012 Erdem fit-like-a-glove strapless print cocktail dress was probably shown to Rachel Zoe before anyone else. We expect Stone's stylist, Petra Flannery, got a look at Saunders' dresses last week and grabbed the innocent white confection for Emma -- which looked very her. We don't know who's dressing Heard, but they clearly met Illincic, who was also part of London Show Rooms, and picked out that glorious blue ensemble, which was so steamy you could barely see anyone else on the carpet.

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Sure, there were plenty of Diors and Valentinos at this event -- not to mention Bottegas and Puccis -- but isn't it nice to have some new names kicking around the red carpet for a change? We have no doubt that coming to L.A. in October in anticipation of awards season is the new plane ticket must for all fashion designers as a result of this.

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