How Tina Fey's Pregnancy Will Affect '30 Rock'

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

She's due in August, when shows typically begin fall production.

How will Tina Fey's second pregnancy -- which she revealed during a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show -- affect 30 Rock?

An insider tells The Hollywood Reporter that her pregnancy is not expected to impact production on the show, which just wrapped its fifth season.

And don't expect to see Liz Lemon with a baby bump. Another source tells that her pregnancy will not be written into the storyline.

Still, Fey is due in August, which is when production often begins for the fall season.

Fey, who is the executive producer, star and head writer on the show, isn't likely to be absent from the NBC set for long. She returned to Saturday Night Live just six weeks after welcoming her daughter Alice, in 2005.

Fey writes in her new memoir Bossypants that she was nervous a second pregnancy would make her unemployable.

"Science shows that fertility and movie offers drop off steeply for women after 40," writes Fey, 40. But, she rationalized, "What's so great about work anyway? Work won't visit you when you're old. Work won't drive you to get a mammogram and take you out after for soup.”
"Hollywood be damned," she writes. "I'll just be unemployable and labeled crazy in five years anyway."